Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Girls Night In & a $400 Room Make Over Giveaway

Last weekend I was able to get together with a few girlfriends for a fun Girls Night In! I have been working on healthy eating & I thought I would put my skills to the test on my girls! I wanted to set the mood, so I set up some Enbrighten CafĂ© Lights by Jasco! They have recently been released & I was so impressed at how easy they were to install. I hate putting holes with nails in my walls and they are light enough to just use a push pin for support! My little Q joined us for dinner & she was completely enamored by the lights! I was worried about her grabbing for them, but the LED lighting doesn't make the bulbs hot at all! So grab away little one, grab away! Also when I was setting up I had a little slip up & the lights completely fell out of my hand & hit the ground, I was ready for a shattered bulb and an inconvenient clean up, but NOPE! These things hit & no breakage, oh how I love the durability. Once every thing was set up the ladies showed up & we had a great time catching up & eating great (if I do say so myself) food! The Enbrighten Cafe Lights were just what we needed to set the mood! I would be lying if I said they weren't still in my kitchen. Who knows, they may become a permanent fixture! Enbrighten your life & enter to win a $400 Room or Patio Makeover! Follow the link here >>> Cafe Lights Giveaway

Cafe Lights: By Jasco

Make Sure to enter the  Cafe Lights Giveaway HERE!

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Single ladies, you're doing just fine.

I grew up as an only child, I don't remember much of my childhood, but I do remember being in daycare and pre-school from a very young age. If I remember correctly I was about 18 months when I was fully enrolled in a care program. Both of my parents worked to make ends meet, as many middle class parents do. My mom has worked for as long as I can remember, and she has worked hard. I remember being about 12 or so and thinking about my future family and saying, "I will never work as a mom, I want to stay at home with my kids". It was something I never had, so I wanted to make sure my kids had me. How naive was I? I also thought I would be married in my early 20's and start having babies by 23. hahaha. Oh Tara. As my life happened and I reached my mid 20's I thought, woe is me, I will never get married, I will never have kids.. blah blah blah I was feeling bad for myself being a mid 20's LDS girl, being left behind by all of my friends who seemed to just get lucky and find "the one" while I wrestled through on again off again relationships. Poor Tara. I spent so much of my life trying to find someone I forgot to be some one. I won't go much into finding myself, because, lets be real, that is an ongoing search. I will say this. I found myself in my career, I cultivated my career, I put everything in to it, and into helping others work toward their dream.

I was in full focus on career mode when I found out I was pregnant. I had literally been telling my clients for a few months that I never thought kids would be in my future. Little did I know......I thought for sure having a baby, having my baby, would derail my dreams, my ambitions, and force me to have to step back from my work, from my identity. Here I am with a 5 month old little angel, and here I am with my dreams, my aspirations and my career fully intact. Becoming a mom has helped me to prioritize my dreams & to make the time I spend working as profitable and meaningful as I possibly can. Now, I am blessed with a career that is flexible, I am my own boss, I make my own hours, I set my times off. I am lucky to often work from home when necessary, and I have a partner who's schedule permits me to be able to take time away, and nanny's who I trust fully to step in when needed. I know many do not have that privilege. Do not let that discourage you from finding and having dreams & making them realities!!

When I am working at my salon I often find myself on my "salon chair soapbox". I work with many young women who often confide in me how unsettled they are in their lives because they are not wives or mothers. Ladies, I have been there. I do not boss you around and tell you to find yourselves because I am a know it all. I do it because I do not want anyone to have to suffer the torment I put myself, and often societal factors put on me to FIND SOMEONE. It took me (and is still taking me 20ish) years to cultivate who I am. And guess what I AM STILL SINGLE, and that's okay! There are many women I know who were girls when they got married and even started a family, it has worked for them. That is not for everyone, and that is okay! Biologically, it has been found that as women our brains are not fully developed until we are 25 years old. 25 YEARS OLD PEOPLE. How can we be expected to know what we want or who we want to be at the ripe old age of 18, when we finish high school and go off to "start our lives"?

We are living in a social media society. Real life is made to look perfect constantly. Real life is not perfect, it is LIFE, ever changing with ups and downs, with moments of clarity and happiness and moments of doubt, frustration and major major let down. Even for the people with the picture perfect lives. Especially for me. Pictures do not show all angles of a life, captions can never capture real moments. Put down your phone (once you're done reading this) and think about this: at the end of the day who do you spend the majority of your time with? Rather, all of your time? You. You are the only person who you live the entirety of your life with. With all of this time spent, do you know this person? Do you like this person? Is this person someone you would want to live the rest of your life with? These are questions that I am asking myself today & I will continue to ask myself. To be frank, today, right now, the answer is no. I am not always my biggest fan. I can be a douche. I have recently been told I am mean, and guess what? I can be really mean. I have and will continue to make mistakes, many many mistakes. As all humans do. The mistakes I have made have hurt people around me, they have shaped the lives and choices of people around me. And some mistakes have brought me sheer joy.

We are taught that choices, all choices, have consequences. Each choice is supposed to bring either a good or a bad consequence, right? Well, I do not fully believe that there is a right and wrong choice in life. Rather, I believe in good, better and best. The choices we make daily shape our lives. Can we make what we think is a good choice and have a bad outcome? Yes, we can. Because no matter how hard we try we can not force the hand of others, or the will of God to work in our favor. Do your best, be your best & hope that good things come to you. Live by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. And if you're feeling really motivated add my rule to that: be someone, be true to you, and be nice to people, but don't let them be mean to you. The rest will work it's self out.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mama's Bliss

Hey blogging world! Long time no see! I have been so busy with opening my new photography studio, taking clients at my salon, rebuilding the Be More site, making changes to the NEW Miss Tara Brooke (coming soon), and not to mention keeping up with my 5 month old baby!! 5 MONTHS?! What the hack, how did this happen?? This little miss of mine is trying to hard to be a big girl!! She is getting close to wanting to sit up on her own, so thank heaven for Mama's Bliss Nursing pillows! So, if you follow my instagram, you may know my struggle with breastfeeding. I tried and tried, but baby girl was starving all the time, so I started supplementing with formula (best choice of her life) and around 8 weeks I called it quits on breastfeeding and my baby girl is a formula eating machine!! With that said we still love using our Mama's Bliss Nursing Pillow to help Q learn how to sit up, and for tummy time! We love the pillow so much! It is a microfiber pillow so it forms comfortably for baby with plenty of support! It comes with this CUTE red mini heart cover for the baby ladies (we all know how I feel about too much pink) and it also has 2 other covers as well, a light blue & a pale yellow. The covers are so incredibly soft, I kind of want one for my own pillow!!

she is trying people..... she is trying.

Pillow: c/o Mama's Bliss | Q's Jumper: c/o June & January

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Denim Days ft Tuck & Elle

I don't think I will ever be sick of matching my little! We were hanging out at gurus (like we do a lot) and we were rockin' our favorite denim pieces last week & this little babe was all smiles! We've been in serious spring prep, and I have been spring cleaning like crazy lately! I spent most of last week cleaning out my closet & as Q is quickly growing & we've been cleaning out her closet as well! I'm getting our closet shop ready for some serious shopping for you guys! I love shopping and repping small these days so a lot of what we are growing out of we've had some serious love for but it has only minimal wear! One of my favorite shops for Q's style is Tuck & Elle! They just launched their Spring line this week & we are giving away $20 to their shop on Instagram today! So make sure you're following & turn on notifications so you don't miss a thing!

Top: c/o Be More | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Similar Here | Hat: Similar Here

Q Style: Top: Old Navy | Leggings: c/o Tuck & Elle | Sandals: Old Navy 

Photos: Ashley Rae
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Dreamin'

Spring is in the air & I am BEYOND ready for it! I think Spring may be may favorite season... everyone says they love fall, but Spring is my jam! We are going on so many walks & Q loves it! She is getting SO SO SO big, she is wanting to stand constantly, it's kinda crazy how strong she is! I swear she has me wrapped around her little finger, I mean would you look at that could she not?! 
Dear Spring, stay a while because Q & I are ready for ya! 

Top: c/o Bouvardian Boutique | Pants: Target | Shoes: Similar Here | Hat: Forever 21
Q Style: Top: Similar Here | Pants: C/o Tiny Threads | Shoes: Old Navy

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Monday, March 7, 2016


Well it's no surprise that I am obsessed with this black & white striped dress! You all know I love me some stripes & this dress is no exception. I am so excited to share a boutique that I recently discovered! It's called Obsessions. And OBVIOUSLY I am obsessed. This dress has become a staple in my wardrobe, with it's longer length sleeves it's perfect for Spring & it so easy to layer. I am over wearing my jean jacket with these warmer days and cooler nights & have as usual been wearing my flannel as the perfect accent piece. I don't think I will ever be over this waist tying style. 
Make sure to check out my outfit details down below & check out Obsessions Boutique

Dress: c/o Obsessions Boutique | Jean Jacket: Cotton On Similar Here | Flannel: Similar Here | Hat: Forever 21 | Shoes: Sold Out Similar Style Here

Photos: Ashley Rae

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Friday, March 4, 2016


Dearest Q, I promise to always encourage you to chase your dreams. I promise to support you, love you and push you to your immense potential. I promise to chase my dreams so I can teach you how to be strong & to never let your dreams fade.

A mothers promise. That is what I have made today. Chasing my dreams has been a huge focus of my life the past year, I made plans and have worked tirelessly to be my best self & to achieve my goals. Now with my angel baby Q I have more motivation than ever to work hard to achieve the goals I set in place before she came into my world. Life gets crazy & the monotony of life can bring you down. Often we need reminders on how to stay focused. I knew I needed to have a daily reminder to help me stay focused on my dreams to be the best example to my Q. I made a graphic that says "Chase Your Dreams" and framed it above Q's changing table, so many times a day I could be reminded to stay focused on my promise to her & my promise to myself. 

As mothers we make constant promises to our children, but do we really think about these promises and what they mean? I would challenge you all to think of a promise that you will make and keep for your little one, doddle that promise on paper, hang it where you can see it & keep it safe so as your little grows you can teach them all about this promise you made & how you worked tirelessly to fulfill that promise. 

Along with helping my Q chase her dreams, I make a promise to do my best to keep her happy, healthy & confortable. Pampers Premium Care Diapers help me do just that. They are a top tier high quality diaper that is hypoallergenic, breathable inside & out. You can find the Pampers Premium Care Diapers at your local Walmart or at
Look for the white box with 5 Star Skin Care. Your baby will thank you..... someday.

Photos: Ashley Rae

*Sponsored by Pampers & Walmart*

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