Thursday, October 10, 2013

Battles with Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Flannel day! Today I paired my flannel shirt with a comfy sweater & my boyfriend jeans. 

Oh boyfriend jeans.... these have been quite the battle for me. I was seeing boyfriend jeans on everyone and they looked super cutie, so my search for the perfect pair began.... I searched high and low...  I went to about 20 different places. constant frustration..... real talk? Let talk about bodies for a hot second. I am a woman.  I have a body. I have curves. I have hips. I have thighs. I am not a boy body so boyfriend jeans were my worst enemy. If they fit my thighs they were falling off at the waist. If they fit my waist they wouldn't come past my calves. My boyfriends jeans were smaller then my boyfriend jeans! Ugh! Any one else have this problem? I had almost given up but I finally decided to just get my boyfriends jeans... in my size. Men's jeans, who would have thought. not me. duh. The storm clouds cleared & my search ended, I was all smiles. I've yet to distress them, but its on my list of projects this weekend so I'm excited to customize them to my liking. I hope you all like this look! 

Flannel: Cotton On
Sweater: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
Boyfriend Jeans: Target 
Loafers: Target
Glasses: Target

This look is perfect for those days when you need to look polished but really dont have time to put your life together. I am obsessed with these glasses. I throw them on probably 2-3 days a week, perfect for the days you only have time for one coat of mascara, they are great to frame your face with no effort. And there is nothing better to polish your look than a top knot. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday!
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Tara Brooke

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