Monday, October 14, 2013

Familiar Faces & My Dirty Little Secret

For those of you just joining my blogisphere.. if that's even a word...Welcome! 
Since I am not the one purchasing the items in my street style posts I search the internet for similar pieces to share with you all at an affordable price. To me, fashion doesn't have to break your budget. Yes, there are a few things to splurge on, but for the most part trends change faster than you can wear out your clothing, so why wear out your wallet?

I usually keep this to myself, but I am going to share one of my biggest bargain shopping secrets with you...... I shop at Papaya... yes, I said it. Who actually goes in there? I do, that's who. It's super hit or miss, but I found my faux leather vest for $20, I mean, that's a hit if you ask me! Next time you're at University Mall, wander in and you may be surprised at what you can find.

On to the street style post:
Sooooooo, my friends told me they didn't want to be on my blog, but I just thought these outfits were too great not to share. These little peaches are like my little sisters in this fair city. They indulge me when I want to play dress up with them & they gladly step into my closet and let me dress them how I like. It's like real life barbies for grown ups. 

Check out these major babes:

My Little Blondie Babe
Sweater: Bohme 
(I found some non-skeleton halloweenie sweaters Here & Here)
Shorts: Forever 21
Flannel: Target
Boots: Target

Dark Haired Diva
Shirt: Forever 21
Vest: Papaya (Similar Here)
Leggings: Cotton On (Similar Here
*fun fact, I always wear two pair of leggings, some are sheer and you can see your rear**
Boots: Similar Here
Beanie: Forever 21

Thanks for checking out my street style post today! 
Day 7 of my Flannel for Fall is up tomorrow, and the look is going to be a bit familiar to day 3 with my polka dots and stripes!
See ya tomorrow!

Tara Brooke


  1. I'm so glad I read this! I never would have thought to wear two pairs of leggings, but I've had that issue with them being too shear. Thanks for sharing!!