Friday, October 11, 2013

Leather and Long Nails

Lets talk leather... up until recently leather has had kind of a bad rep. I mean who wears leather in a normal day to day setting? Bikers? Yeah, I wish I was that hardcore but, I'm not. I'm just a normal human, a normal human who happens to be obsessed with leather. Leather everything. & you better believe there will be a post coming soon sharing my favorite ways to wear this questionable fabric. But until then... here is a way one of my perfectly provo ladies wore it. Enjoy.

Leather pants: Similar here
Knit sweater: Similar here
Shoes: Similar here
Head wrap: Similar here
Necklace: Similar here

Can we talk about these nails for a moment? 
I am dying over these long pointed nails. I have a set my self, and they have changed the nail game for me. I have been an avid shellacer for a while now & I've been hesitant about going acrylic for a while. Best decision ever. There is nothing better then a perfect set of manicured nails. Color choice: on point. Accent gold nail: yes, please. 

What to ask for? 
Pointed acrylic nail with shellac over top. 
You'll be glad you did it. 

Headed to the Velour again tonight for the 
Live All- Star Special
Paul Jacobsen
Stephanie Maybe
Brinton JOnes
 Elaine Bradley
Ryan Innes
Jay W. Henderson
Mason Porter
Will all be playing live! Hope to see you there & stop me if you see me. I'll have my camera ready for your Perfectly Provo look. 

Tara Brooke

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