Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to Perfectly Provo!

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

 This blog has been a long time coming.... I've been putting it off for way too long. As we all know the blogging world is crawling with "fashion bloggers." While I follow and appreciate many of these humans I feel there is little credit given to other non blogging humans in this world. I have always been someone who appreciates style/fashion, whatever you want to call it, and I absolutely love being out and seeing whats trending in the real world. The thing I love most about style is how individualized it is. Everyone has "their style" "their eye for fashion". I LOVE IT! 
If you've stumbled upon this page and you have the same appreciation for style as I do follow me as I walk the streets of Provo, Ut, a mecca of trendy 20 somethings that have got a style all their own. 

For all of you 20 somethings out there living in Provo, look for me at events around town & if your style catches my eye you may find yourself on this page!

My first Provo event is this Friday night @ The Velour
A few of my favorite bands will be playing and I'll be looking for my first few Perfect Provo faces. 

Here's a little piece of the Music you can enjoy Friday Night

If you're so inclined feel free to check out some of my own styled pieces that will make their way to this page as well. :)

Tara Brooke

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  1. HI. You are purrfect and I just love you. You have always known how to rock a flannel the best way!