Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mash Up Music Video

Soooooo, I am way over due with an outfit post, I know, I know. With the lack of internet at home (Dear Google Fiber, be here already) & all of my recent ventures it has been nearly impossible to blog lately. But here I am.. with the internet, so you're probably all expecting an outfit post.....but I am just WAY TOO EXCITED about this Music Video collaboration not to share it! 

 I was originally asked by my most loyal client, and friend, Mimi Knowles to help style him for this video, then I was asked to do hair and make up for the gorgeous Amber Lynn & I was more than eager to take her into my closet and style her as well. I was also able to meet with the director and musical genius Eric Thanye to get a feel for the video and style him as well. Everyone involved in the creating of this video was a dream to work with. It was seriously a blast! I was lucky enough to be on set for the majority of the filming and I may or may not have made it into one of the shots toward the end of the video. Oops. 

Last night I was able to attend a premier of the video and a special acoustic performance by the talented Mimi Knowles, accompanied by Amber Lynn Stoppel. Shout out to Eric Thayne & Suzanne Whitehead for creating this awesome mash up of 19 of this years hits
 and turning it into a full musical experience. To the director of photography & videographer Cameron Gade, you have really out done yourself. I look forward to working with all of you again in the future.

with out any further ado........


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