Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Personally Provo Shopping Trip

I have a friend who has been asking me for weeks to style him. Heaven knows I live to play real life dress up! I've done personal styling for engagements, family photos, senior pictures etc. before but I've never jumped into personally styling wardrobes. Needless to say I was not only flattered but stoked to help out my friend. We finally linked schedules and headed to University Mall to revamp this guys style! So.... how does it work? Sebastian here, was gracious enough to let me share experience with you all so here.it.is:

Step 1: Personal Style Profile. 
(Just a few questions to get a feel for where you are at style wise) 

How would you describe your person al style in 1-2 words?
-Fashionably conservative.

What is your "go to" outfit?
-T-shirt, jeans, high tops.

Order these from most important to least important: versatility, comfort, trend able, budget friendly.
-Versatility, comfort, budget friendly, trend able.

Where do you normally shop?
-Express or Old Navy.

What is your signature piece? 
-My black Air Force Ones.

What is your budget for shopping monthly, quarterly, yearly?
$20 monthly, two big buys of over $100/year.

What is something you've always wanted to incorporate into your wardrobe but haven't? What has stopped you?
-I haven't incorporated a flannel because I felt like they wouldn't look good on me and that they wouldn't be that comfortable. 

pre shopping. 
why so serious?

Step 2: Cleaning out the outdated, ill fitting clothing that's taking up space in your closet.
(I personally go through my closet every 2 or so months, but I suggest going through it as the season changes, if you haven't worn it in 6 months <weather permitting> GET RID OF IT! If you can't see it in your closet you wont wear it. So, make the most out of that closet of yours. My best friends here in Provo are Plato's Closet & Trendy Exchange. You never know what they will or won't buy, so gather up your old goods and take it all. Cha ching! You've got a little extra shopping money!!)

Here are a few items we said, "see ya never." to.

Step 3. Set a budget

Everyone has a different budget going into a shopping trip. Decide pieces you want to incorporate into your wardrobe and then make your budget accordingly. 

Step 4. Shop till you drop.... or until you've hit your budget.. whichever comes first.

We will make a game plan based on stores you like and what works best with your budget and wants. Then, its play time. During the shopping experience I like to watch what catches your eye first to see your personal style and then give advice on shapes, color and style that would work best for your body. This is all about learning what works and using it to your benefit. 

Step 5. Reevaluate 

Before we are done shopping we will check budget, and reevaluate what pieces we found, what we are missing & go from there.

Step 6. Enjoy your new pieces! 
There is nothing better then fresh new clothes.

Here are the pieces we found for Sebastian. With a budget of $150 we were satisfied with the purchases we found for only $75 total! That extra $75 is being saved for a new set of the perfect high tops that we are both on the hunt for.
I mean.... they are his signature piece....

Flannel: $25 Forever 21 Men's
Raglan(Baseball) Tshirts: 2 for $25
Black Jeans: $20 H&M
Beanie: $5

I think he looks pretty fresh. eh?
Take note. 
All you need to look like this:
 a beanie, 
a flannel
a well fitted pair of jeans. 
$50 is all it takes!

Happy Shopping, and if you want a shopping buddy, I'm always down to head to the mall. 

Tara Brooke

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