Thursday, December 5, 2013

December must haves pt. 1

Hey there!! Hope every one's day was as productive as mine despite the chill that has overcome us all. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to this cold, and the wind.... blew my hat off my head twice today! 

While I'm trying to warm up I wanted to share my must haves for this month with you all! As always, I'm dying over the all black everything trend, when in doubt, black it out. And gents, floral for days. Don't be afraid to mix the floral prints if you're in need an extra dose of swag. (Did she just say swag?) Enjoy! 

1. Graphic Beanie
2. High Top Sneakers Target
3. Sweater: Madewell
4. Over Knee Socks Urban Outfitters

1. Snap back PacSun
2. Harem Pants Zara
3. Floral Shirt Top Man

While you're out shopping for loved one's don't forget to look out for these must haves. 
They will change the game for ya.


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