Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve, Happy Hair!

Hey guys!!! So I did a tutorial for Suggestions Salon on New Years Eve hairstyles. I used things I found at home to create super easy and fast party hair! 
I brought the tutorials here for your hair partying pleasure! Enjoy! 

1.     Start with curled hair
2.     Grab braided head band
3.     Place braided head band and place on crown of head
4.     Take 1 ¼ ‘’ sections of hair
5.     Wrap sections around head band
6.     Continue wrapping sections around head band until all pieces are places
7.     Adjust pieces to your desired look
8.     Enjoy your Braided Head Band UpStyle
*I found my braided head band at Claire's

1.     Start with curled hair
2.     Grab a gold chain (I used a necklace)
3.     Put chain on crown of head
4.     Take 1 ¼ ‘’ section
5.     Wrap it around the gold chain
6.     Adjust to your desired look
7.     Enjoy your Gold Chain Wrap

1.     Start with curled hair
2.     Pull hair into a ponytail
3.     Use foam bun form attach to pony tail
4.     Take 1’’- 1 ¼’’ sections and wrap around the bun & pin.  Let excess hang out
5.     Take excess hair and loop  and pin around wrapped section
6.     Continue around bun until all hair is pinned
7.     Grab a decorative head band & place infront of your fun
8.     Enjoy your Fun Bun 
*You can find hair forms at Sally's Beauty or any other beauty supply, Just ask for a bun form!

I hope you all have an AMAZING New Year! I am sooooo excited for 2014! I have some really fun adventures coming! Thanks for sticking around for the ride!


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