Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Blues

Soooooooo, I am a Southern California girl. Grew up in The San Diego, high schooled there, hair schooled there. Spent 20 years of my life there (that's weird to think about). Needless to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sun. I NEED IT. This is not an exaggeration. NEED.

I spent 2 gloriously frigid winters in Rexburg, ID a few years back. I moved to this little town in the dead of winter from Southern California. It was fun for about 2-3 weeks and then I noticed it was hard to get out of bed almost everyday. Why? This isn't like me, I mean don't get me wrong I love sleeping in & the occasional nap is a dream. But I couldn't figure out why I struggled so much from Jan- May every year. Then I headed back to CA to warm up and didn't think twice about sad time in the winter.

Fast forward a few years, I moved back to cold country. I spent last winter in SLC in, what I thought was, the worst winter of my life. I was bummin again as the days got darker & the snow set in. Okay, what's the deal here? I had hear about seasonal depression but never really thought it affected me, not until last winter. The warmer it got the happier I was, it finally made sense.

Here we are again, and its winter time. In an effort to stay as happy as possible this cold season I have adopted a few different tricks. They seem to be working! So far, so good.

1. Stay active: I have been busier than ever this Winter trying to stay focused on my personal goals and being as active as possible. Hitting the gym with my girlfriends and taking extra shifts at work when I can.

2. Tan: Now, I am an esthetician, I know tanning is bad for you. However, I do believe in moderation in all things. Tanning once or twice a week in a "safer" tanning bed can help you absorb that lovely Vit D our bodies need to stay happy. I always use a Sun Angel bed. It combines the right amount of UVA & UVB rays that virtually eliminate overexposure. For me, tanning in the winter isn't about getting a tan, so I make sure to wear a low SPF and always, always, always, cover your face, we are not trying to age prematurely over here.

3. Embrace the Season: Do wintery things! Sledding, snowboard/skiiing, ice skating, If it's going to be cold outside might as well take advantage of the fun things to do! Right?!

4. Eating well: It's amazing how eating well can totally affect your moods. Who knew? Probably everyone but me! Along will eating nutrient rich foods drinking water is very effective. Fun fact being dehydrated can make you depressed. (Also would have been good to know when I was living off of energy drinks and Diet Coke last winter).

5. Spray Tans: Now this is how I get a tan in the winter... Spray tans make me happy. Seriously, there is nothing else that I can do for 15 minutes that makes me look and feel better. If you know of something that can please let me know. And lets be real, when you look good you feel good.

6. Take a trip: If you can financially, plan a trip to somewhere warm! Even if its a short weekend trip, GET OUT OF THE COLD! You'll have something to look forward to when the snow is falling outside your window. (I'm going to LA in April to visit The Wesley Bird & I am counting down the days)

Hope these helps cure your Winter Blues. I know I'm trying all that I can.


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