Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jacob's Scarves

Hey guys! Hope everyone's week is going well! Can't lie, mines been a little rocky but lots of good things happening around here to balance out the rough patches :) For this post I am teaming up with Jacob's Scarves to help Jacob and other children in less affluent homes receive the education they so desperately need. Check them out here to see who Jacob is and how you can help their cause: Jacob's Scarves

Overalls: H&M | Top: JCrew (Similar Here) | Scarf: c/o Jacob's Scarves | Shoes: Similar Here | Bag: Brina Box | Hat: Target | Lip Stick: Target

Photography: Roxana Baker

Check out Jacob's Scarves & help in the cause. Education for all is so important. Lets help others receive what we are blessed with here in this country.



  1. You look so good girl! It's Crazy!!

  2. Love this! Those shoes look like Bed Stus, they're lovely. <3