Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Hair Party

Let talk Spring color! Color trends for 2014 have come out & it's all about monochromatic color, deep tones & the rebirth of the ombre. What is sometimes known as a "melt" has evolved into a more natural lightness through the ends of hair for brunettes. Blondes are transitioning more into a "rooted look" and single process Marilyn Monroe blonde. Reds are as vivid as they can be for spring & rose gold tones are all the rage. 

The majority of my clients have one complaint when transitioning into spring. Everyone wants to go lighter the warmer it gets, but the dryness of the winter makes them feel like their hair can't take it. So how do you get happy supple hair? Lots of love.... oh yeah and great products.

Here are my top products per hair type

For added health try adding these serums to your nightly routine. Add a quarter size amount to hair after brushing, focusing on midshaft to ends. Pull into low pony, or braid. Sleep. Wake up & enjoy happy hair.



  1. That red in the lower middle!! I don't know if I could ever pull that off but it is beautiful!!

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