Friday, March 21, 2014

The Mumsy Blog Event

At the Gap University Mall Fashion Show that I posted about here. I was able to spend some time with the ladies from The Mumsy Blog. Here's me hard at work, before the show, with Michelle.
 These ladies are always such a dream & I was flattered to be asked to be apart of their event.  Friday Feb. 28th. I'll be doing hair and make up for these lovely ladies and I can't wait. Check it out:

 For those of you who saw my post yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Ashley Hess doing hair, makeup & styling for a photo shoot with the incredible Cameron Gade. Ashley is going to be performing at The Mumsy Blog's event. If you haven't heard her play yet, well, this event is a MUST GO! I mean you need to go anyway, but this is definitely the cherry on top of the evening (Slight bias? Never). Ashley has become a good friend of mine recently & let. me. tell. you. she is going places. So excited to go on this musical journey with her! oh yeah and it's her birthday this weekend, so go like her page to give her some birthday love. & check out my favorite covers by her:


Also Rilee Nicole & Jade Demure, the most angel humans with immense talent, will be playing as well so.... make sure to be there to hear them perform too. So, is it the 28th yet?? Can you tell I am excited?? Man, I have some talented friends!!! See ya next week!!


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  1. dear Tara,

    you are far too kind, and I adore you. thanks for the shout out <3