Monday, July 21, 2014

Shark Teeth & Facing your Fears

Happy MONDAY!! Let's get this week started off right eh? Guys!! So many crazy | exciting | stressful | wonderful | magical things have been happening in my world! I am in the process of moving.. wait... you're moving? Yes. So lets back it up here a bit.... on my birthday this year I made a promise to myself to stop living out of fear. I am a big chicken. I tend to shy away from things that could hurt me or I could fail at. I'm a play it safe kinda gal. I recently realized that I've been missing out on a lot of cool things. So... I told myself if I had the opportunity to do things I've talked about doing but am afraid of I would jump at the opportunity & live my life.... So, I've thought about living alone for a while now & the opportunity presented it's self so.... I signed a lease to a new place that's all mine & I started moving in. I am so excited to start this adventure. I'm bound to get lonely at times, but so far I am loving my space. I mean clothing is optional around here now & with this heat wave I'm taking advantage of my single space. #alwaysnaked

So moral of the story go for things you're afraid of. Cause if this big chicken can, you sure as heck can too. 

While I've got you guys here check out my newest goodies. Urban Peach Boutique sent me this shark tooth necklace & I have been loving it. I am really into simplicity these days. You'll see me in black pants & a simple top on the regular & this necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit. Urban Peach is doing a mega sale right now & their watches, rings & bracelets. 50% off, what a dream! Just use code: SAVE 50 at checkout. & Happy Shopping.

Necklace: c/o Urban Peach Boutique | Top: c/o Pink Blush 

Watch for more of this blue top & a giveaway later in the week. 

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