Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Black & White Series Pt.2

The Black & White Series is still going strong over here! And so is my blogging!! I have a goal to blog EVERYDAY this week! Can I do it? We will see...... For the Black and & White Series pt 2: 
M1M1K Meets Kameleonz

I've been super into the sporty look lately, and to be honest.... I never, repeat, never wear hats... well unless they are disturbingly large felt hats... But we just got these new M1M1K hats in & it's safe to say I wear mine like twice a week now! Maybe its a little self promo, maybe it's day 4 hair that needs to be covered. Regardless, I love it. 

I'm also reppin for Kameleonz here. These guys really know what they are doing as far as versatility. I got their So Cal shades (obviously #hometown) & they are great! I'm wearing them with the black arms here, but they came with interchangeable clear & pinky/purp arms. So fun & easy to change it up. Kameleonz is doing a Thanksgiving special where you can get 25% off. 25% PEOPLE that's a deal. Just use WILDTURKEY when checking out! 

Also this tee.... Its always the first thing I wear after I do my laundry. Every time I wash my whites, this shirt finds it's way on to my body. I don't think it's ever been hung up in my closet now that I think about it. Moral of the story. You NEED this shirt. K. cool.

Top: Victoria Secret | Overalls: Similar Here | Shoes: Similar Here | Hat: M1M1Klothing | Shades: Kameleonz

Also, for putting up with my shameless plug of my own product (proud mom) I'm doing a coupon code myself for M1M1K... well, because I can, and I want you all reppin' my stuff too. 
Go to and use TARA15 at checkout. We've got some awesome new things coming so get to shopping people! 

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