Wednesday, October 1, 2014


12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. It's amazing how much can happen in a year. I am an incredibly reminiscent person, it probably has a lot to do with my sign (cancer problems). It only seems fitting for me to celebrate my 1 year of blogging here with a new post. I am not going to act like I didn't fall off the blogging train during the summer. Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and season changes always bring a sense on renewal for me. So here I am recommitting to this platform of expression trying to blog as much as my crazy life will allow.

This year has brought me so much. The friends I have made, connections I have & business ventures I am continuing to purse are large in part due to this very blog.

Here is a look into the last year behind my blogging, my non blogging & my reblogging.

This all started out as "Perfectly Provo".  I wanted so badly to change the perspective of this college town I reside in that had the WORST reputation for style. I knew there were many people here who shared my love for personal style & expression & I needed the world to know. I would go to area events & take photos of people who had a style all their own & share it.

My blog quickly morphed into biweekly outfit posts, shopping guides & hair care. I felt pressure to buy things I wouldn't necessarily wear, products I wouldn't use, and post about stores I couldn't actually shop at per my budget and lifestyle. I bought into the blogging world so hard & I tried so hard to be like every other girl I followed on instagram. I would get so down on myself, thinking I wasn't blonde enough, skinny enough, that my teeth weren't white enough, that my outfits weren't expensive enough to post. But I stuck it out hoping I could make a difference. But for what?

I had a few big things rock my world in the Spring & I feel like I lost parts of myself. I shared some of those things here in hopes of connecting with someone. Anyone.  The messages, texts and comments I received made me realize I wasn't alone in my struggle. So I made a commitment to myself to be true to me, and instead of feeling obligated to do something that I volunteered for, I would just do it for me.

I started focusing on things that I enjoyed. I started styling photoshoots & videoshoots. I started a clothing company. Something I have always dreamed of doing. I decided to live my dream.

I must say that my blog was not all bad. I have been able to learn so many things about myself, and I met so many great people through it. Many of these people have become my good friends. This past year has been one of the most growing years of my life. I worked harder than I ever have to achieve the things I had only imagined. Things that people told me I could never do. I am grateful for the challenges & for the support from my people. I am more head strong than ever to continue to go after the things that I want. and I want them for me.

Here are a few of my true Miss Tara Brooke looks of the past year that can put my stamp of approval on.

Shout out to the awesome photographer's I've had the pleasure of cultivating friendships this past year! I love each of them & their personal styles share a different part of me.
Randi Rose

Perfectly Provo to Miss Tara Brooke. So now what? This will now be a place of my life & style. I will share shoots I style for work and for fun. I will share videoshoot's I am apart of or proud of ( friend brags on the regular). The outfit post will be back & they will be all me. I will not endorse anything that I don't fully believe in here. This is my promise to you, and to myself. I will continue to build my business at Tara Brooke Style  & I will continue to work my A$$ off with M1M1K harnessing my terrible obsession with Men's Fashion. Don't worry ladies I've got some fun things for you all too.  #beyourselfie. I will hopefully share gorgeous hair I am able to create for my incredible friends & clients at Suggestions Salon here as well. As the in house stylist at Agnes & Dora I will share my style tips for their apparel here as well. Bottom line is: I.WILL.NOT.STOP. I will continue to work toward everything I have the potential to be.

Working toward your dreams isn't easy. That's why they call it work. But I will tell you, the reward is worth every sleepless night. Some days are scary,  most days are exhausting, some are exhilarating, some days you have to have someone physically drag you out of bed (true story... stories) & some days you realize you're doing everything right. Do you have a dream? Chase it. Don't give in when you don't feel like you are enough. Push through the doubts, push through the haters (Haters? Really Tara? Yes, haters gonna hate). Chase your dreams & I'll chase mine. I'll meet you at the finish line.

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  1. Don't mind me I'm just blog stalking you.... And i'm SWOONING over this post and all of your outfits. Plus that first picture of you girl! Like HOLY mother!!! GORGEOUS.

    XO - Sami