Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Sometimes you call your best photographer friend and say... "Hey, I want to take some crazy Halloween pics, you down?" & then 30 minutes later you have a skeleton face and faux leather dress on......the result? See below.

Dress: Similar here | Makeup: Me | Photos: Shleeeeeeeee

My little Shleeeeeze is a photographic genius. & she just got a new camera so I am taking full advantage of the fact that she wants to play with it alllll the time. 

Also, this loft across the hall from me, talk about the dreamiest place ever. My neighbors are the greatest for letting me break in and use their space to make magic. 

This dress you ask? Well... I got it at the cutest little boutique that just opened in Sugar House called "Sage by Olivia Wares" I stopped by for a blogging even last weekend and the moment I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. 

Halloween holds a special place in my heart... I remember going to my most favorite party of the year every year for like 5 years straight, I even flew home to San Diego the first year I was out here to attend  the "Halloween Boat Dance". It was a mini cruise that went around the San Diego Harbor & we just danced on top of the boat all night. I loved dressing up with my best girlfriends so much. Those are some memories I will never forget. I am so excited to have new Halloween traditions with new friends and as always I plan to dance the night away, alas not on a boat, but with my best Utah friends. I hope you all have an amazing holiday & you stay safe! 

What is everyone dressing up as?? 

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  1. STUNNING pics! Seriously one of my favorite posts to date, and that dress is to die for. Loooove your blog :)

  2. you're amazing. aka brittany ;)