Friday, November 7, 2014

Back in Black

The Black & White Series continues... with a whole lot of black. There is nothing better than all black everything. I am super obsessed with this black jumper... yes, it is a jumper. The only complaint I will ever have about jumpers is when you have to use the ladies room and you instantly realize you will be basically naked and you hope to all things that no one bursts into that stall on you. Seriously, every time I wear a jumper I have this fear. Alas, I will continue to wear my jumpers proudly. Me and Roxana played around in this alley right by my loft in downtown Provo. I'm kind of obsessed with but will never pass at night because I am equally afraid of it.
 Check Check Check it.

Jumper: Similar Here | Jacket: Asos | Boots: Target

 photo signature_zps6bbf95b9.jpg


  1. Great look! I'm just starting to get into the idea of one pieces. I haven't quite had the courage to try a pants version, but this is inspiring! Great look! :)

    xx, Ashleigh |

  2. These photos are amazing! Love the location! You rock the all black!