Friday, December 26, 2014

Deep V & The End of the Lonely Loft.

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had the most magical holiday & you were able to spend it with friends or family or both!! I was blessed to be able to go home to San Diego and spend the week with my parents. Just me and them....Oh, and my baby puppy dude. 

Many of you don't know this, but I am an only child. Whenever I tell anyone that the first question I usually get is..."How was that?" Well to be honest..... it's all I've ever known.... Growing up I never really felt different.. both of my parents worked, and I was in day care from the time I was able to walk. I recognize that this was one of the biggest blessings to my childhood. I was able to have constant social interaction with kids of all ages, races & backgrounds. After spending time with my school friends I would go home and play alone, or with kids in my neighborhood. But at the end of the day I was able to spend a lot of time alone. Being alone was something I craved, something I needed to be me.  Here I am 28 years old.... yes, I am 28. Surprise! & what do I crave daily? Being alone. To my friends who are close to me, many of you know this well. To those of you who have regular association with me this may be surprising. & to anyone who knows me through social media... well... I am not as exciting as it may appear. I watch a lot of netflix. I <3 Chuck Bass. 

I live alone in my little loft. I come home every day to a quiet empty space after being exposed to constant human interaction. Talking for hours straight to my hair clients (who are also my friends), playing dress up with models and being in front of the camera for blog shoots may seem glamorous and constantly exciting, and it is!!! I will never complain about how blessed I am to be doing such fun and exciting things, but I will not lie when I say somedays I am insanely overwhelmed &  
I crave my lonely loft life. 

Starting in the New Year, I want to explore different parts of my self. I may hate myself for this...... but I know I will grow. Starting January 1st, I am making a commitment to myself & to the humans in my life, and the humans that will come into my life that unless I am already planning to do something else, I will not decline an invitation to go out and be social. That includes going on dates....yes I am single (things ended amicably)..... and I am going to make myself ready to mingle. So social media, internet and real life friends.... it's almost 2015. 
Lets party & let the lonely loft life stay in 2014. 

If i still have your attention... Check out this outfit post. This sweater is life. k luh you all & thanks for reading, bye. 

Top: Cotton On Similar Here, Here & Here | Pants: Old Similar Here | Jacket: Pink Blush | Flannel: Old Navy | Beanie: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target Similar Here

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  1. Miss Tara!! I'm catching up on my 'stalking my friends blogs' reading' and you my friend are an inspiring human being!! everything, your confidence, style, personality!! Reading your bloggie makes me have all the feels and I love it!! xoxo