Monday, December 29, 2014


NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.... the best and the worst things. Best because it can help us reevaluate, reposition, and change whatever things in our life that seem to be off track. Worst because often times we set lofty unattainable goals that we think we can tackle in the month of January and then by February we are like... wait, what was my resolution, I give up.... I have a potential remedy to this issue, at least personally. Instead of making resolutions for the year 2015, I am making monthly attainable goals that will collectively help me be a better person for every year to come.... at least I hope so.... yay for attainable goals!

The main things I want to focus on for 2015 are: building and keeping genuine relationships, becoming financially stable and self sustaining (actually pay my own car & health insurance..ugh), & focusing on giving myself 100% of myself.

So to start on this life renewal January 1st I am starting the month of 3's.

Save $3 a day: this may not seem like much, but anyone who knows me knows that "savings" is NOT in my vocabulary... everyone's like put 10% of what you make into savings every check, well when I look at that number it looks like a new pair of boots or a new bag. But ask me to take $3 a day out of my account?? Totally doable... I mean thats like 1.5 refills from Sodalicious.... don't worry Kevin, I am not giving you all up to save... just measuring my ability to save through 44 oz beverages. Super normal things.

Do 3 hours of service a week. Service.... the age old remedy to feeling bad about yourself..."they" (whoever they are) say if you're down or feeling bad to go out and serve other people, helping others brings you joy. Well fine, I accept but only because I know it will not be a complete selfish act when I see the joy it can bring other people. & what better way to build and keep relationships than doing nice and helpful things?! These are my people.... Hey my people. Get ready for some service! I love the hell out of you & I'm ready to show ya!

Work out 3 days a week.... wait.... shouldn't I already be doing this? Probably... but I have been blessed in my life to be able to skip a meal or two here and there to keep my physic looking decently normal in clothing.. but yes, I know, I know, this is not a healthy lifestyle. So dear body, I'm sorry and you are welcome in advance, because I am going to use you and abuse you at the gym 3 days a week! Hello healthy life.... we will see how this goes......

**I literally went through every photo in my phone... absolutely no evidence of previous physical activity... not even an athletic show selfie... I'll work on it.

So the month of 3's to a better me! I wonder what February will bring! Thats assuming I get through January.... Share your resolutions in the comments below! Lets inspire each other. 2015 I'm ready for you! Bring it on!

Completely non related to anything and everything in this post..... Watch this video. It's great & I love the humans in it. Cameron Gade wins the award for best cameo... watch til the end. You'll be happy you did... I mean Cosmopolitan Mag Tweeted that "This cover of the top 33 songs of 2014 is EVERYTHING" sooooooo it must be true.

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