Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Findings.

Hey everyone!! I had a little meeting with myself today recalling a lot that happened in February since it is now MARCH! Whaaaaat??? A little self evaluation if you will... and I wanted to share this months finding. Things I have found in myself and things I am trying to find in others.

1. Be nice.
Well... this is pretty basic principle, wouldn't we all agree? But seriously, how easy is it to get caught up in emotions and be rude to someone who doesn't deserve it. I mean who really deserves to be treated rudely? No one!! That's who. How often do we lose sight of being nice? I know I do on the daily. I am a straight forward, take me how I am or leave me, kinda girl and I can often be a little rough around the edges & say exactly how I feel... and i've constantly got to remind myself to be a nice human. Wether it's a co worker, the girl making my morning beverage, or the guy who bags my groceries, and is taking a lifetime to do it, I've gotta be nice. We never know someone's situation, we never know what they are going through. We never know if our words could make or break their day, so why not just be nice? Like all the time?

2.Don't Gossip.
Gossip: we all do it, if you say you don't well either you're a liar, or a saint. Don't talk about other peoples business if it isn't yours to tell. Don't say rude things about a person, and their life choices unless you would be 1000% okay saying it straight to their face, even then, maybe don't say it. I was recently informed by someone who spends a lot of time with me that I don't gossip or spread negativity about people. Well, that was amazing to hear!! Buuuuuut it made me start to think... I don't gossip to her, but do I talk about people behind their backs to others? I am not a saint... and I don't want to be a liar, so yeah I say things about people I shouldn't. But I am trying everyday to be better about keeping other's business to myself. I hope you all will join me in this! If you can't say something nice... well then don't say it to someone else either. bc thats not nice. (see previous finding)

3. Don't like it? Change it.
I often find myself complaining about the same things all the time. Well hell, why am I wasting my time complaining about these things when I could take that time to change them. Yes, there are a lot of things I don't have control of that I would like to change in my life, but then there are a lot of others that I do have control of. So you know what? I took control! I would often complain about my body, it wasn't where I wanted it to be. Well, DUH! I was going to the gym a total of 2 times a month (on a good month) & eating SPK for breakfast with a massive Diet Coke. I decided to take control over that part of my life and work hard to change it. and guess what? I spend my time working to change my body and not complaining about it. There are a few other things I am starting to take control of and one of them happens to be my feelings and emotions..... see next finding

4. Choose Happy.
Life sucks. Growing up is hard. There are bills to pay, and mouths to feed and bathrooms to clean (literally my least favorite thing eeeeeever). Boys break up with you, jobs end, friends become distant and somedays it freaking snows. But guess what? Snow days turn to sun days, new friends become best friends, boys come and go, and come and go, until one stays, and PUPPIES exist. Guys!! Puppies exist!! Don't spend time focusing on the hard and lonely days, spend time enjoying the good days with good people. Life will continue to throw it's challenges at you, day in and day out. But you have the choice everyday to choose how those challenges affect you. Choose to be happy, choose to grow from hard things, and choose to smile through the tears.

5. People are humans.
Your boyfriend, your mom, your boss, your baby daddy, your sister, your partner, your barista. They are HUMANS! & guess what? SO ARE YOU! We makes mistakes, every day, every hour, hopefully not every minute (you should probably reevaluate your life if every 60 seconds there is a mini tragedy in your world). So what does that mean? That means forgiveness and understanding are crucial to surviving and living a happy life. Forgive your roommate for stealing and ruining your favorite tee shirt, forgive your boyfriend for forgetting to text you the moment he got home. Forgive the girl at sonic for giving you regular and not diet coke (after nicely asking her to rectify this almost unforgivable act). And most importantly, forgive yourself. We are humans, we are all learning and growing from each and every experience we have. Remember that. Make mistakes, and grow from them. Be a human, it's way better than being like a tree or something.

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  1. Friends come and go. Friends have kids, husbands and lives. That's been the hardest thing for me as I get older. That it's okay to form new relationships. Because life happens and while some are having 5 babies, I'm over here living the single life. It's only normal to have to find new friends in the same life situation. Thanks for posting this. It's something I needed to hear!