Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Black Dress

Ladies and ladies.... (because I mean, what dudes out there are really reading this) I present to you the little black dress of all little black dresses. I am basically obsessed with this dress. It fits like a dream, it is soft as snuggle (the fabric softener bear...) and it goes past my knees & covers my shoulders?? Yes, I am known to wear sleeveless, and mini dresses from time to time... but I am a comfort over all kinda girl... this dress does all the things I need and more. Also, I am swooning over this new crystal necklace from Hope Ave! I am dying in the best way over all of their jewels! 

oh & I got my long hairs back, so sometimes I think I am Beyonce... but then I remember I am not... but that doesn't stop me from trying to take over the world. who run the world? Beyonce, thats who. 

I have been mad busy with some new adventures (surprise, surprise). I am so excited to share more as things get more serious! But just know something suuuuuper awesome is coming! okay, thats all. now check out this dress & stuff k? 

Dress: c/o Aro & Co | Necklace: Hope Ave Similar Here | Shoes: Similar Here | Sunnies: Similar Here

Photos: Ashley Rae

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  1. Omg love this dress! Have been looking for something like this forever because I need one for work and sleeveless won't do.