Monday, June 29, 2015

Go Shawty, It's your Birthday.

Well, Hey there!! Happy Monday! I hope you all are having an amazing summer!! Could it be any hotter outside?! 100+ days here in Utah EVERYDAY! So I hope you were all  able to stay cool this past weekend!  I was able to celebrate my 29th birthday yesterday & it was sooooooo great!

I got to sleep in & then spent the day with Mimi. We had a great lunch and then I got a call from my best friend Wesley, who lives in LA! I was so happy to hear from her...She wished me a "Happy Birthday" & then she immediately asked when she could see me.... SURPRISE!! She was sneakily in town for a wedding & surprised me with a visit! It was so perfect! Later that evening my girlfriend Ashley Hess, the saint of a human, threw me a dessert party! So many friends came to play! The highlight of the party was the super sentimental present that Mimi prepared for me. 

Let me preface this a bit... a vast majority of my friends are musicians, which many of you know, but like they are INCREDIBLY talented human beings & I love being surrounded by music all of the time. So Mimi, with guitar in hand gave a little intro to my present...He proceeded to talk about how his single "A Little Bit of" came about. After one of our first dates back in 2013, he came home happier than he had been in a long time, and in 10 minutes time the song was written... I'd heard this story countless times, but it was the perfect intro to what happened next. Mimi started playing the chords I know so well, and to my surprise Ashley Hess started singing the first verse... I see you Ashley. Then one by one each of my friends sang a verse, the bridge, Celeste Knowles hit me with the best dance & rap sequence EVER and everyone in the room joined in on each of the chorus'. I would be lying if I said this didn't make me a bit emotional. Amazing how something so small can mean so much. Thank you to all of my friends and family who celebrated with me & sent well wishes. 

Little pregnancy update:
 I am 19.5 weeks along, Almost half way there! WHAAAAT?? Not too many changes the past few weeks other than my growing belly! She is out and in serious action! No weird cravings yet. I've been lucky enough to have sailed smoothly through this thus far. Maybe I'm too busy to notice that I'm uncomfortable but I'm just going with it!  I haven't felt her move yet. I'll spend some time everyday just being super still and quiet hoping for something. Hopefully in the next few weeks she'll be big enough so I can recognize her movements! Here's a fun maternity outfit that really anyone can rock! This dress is awesome! insanely comfortable & easy to dress up or down! I paired this Pink Blush Maternity dress with a super fun fringe vest & one of my favorite floppy hats! I wear hats on the daily lately, between being too lazy to really do my hair every day & shading myself from the hot sun, I just can't get enough! Anyway check out my 19 week look below & let me know what you  think!! Thanks so much for following along in all of my adventures! I love you all! 

Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity | Vest: c/o Hope Ave | Hat: Cotton On | Shoes: Similar Here Forever 21 | Bag: H&M In black here

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