Friday, June 5, 2015

Hey Hey Hey

Well in case you hadn’t noticed, I have fallen off the blogging train. Completely and utterly derailed. I hope to get back on soon, and here I am at my first attempt. This little thing called life can complicate sharing it with you all sometimes….. In case you care to know where I have been… here is a little bit about the months I failed to share with you…….

March/April 2015.
I had been working on a little passion project for about 4 months. I finally felt ready to take it to the next level. Careful planning,working out bugs, building a website (with my amazing designer who lived across the country), scheduling & executing photoshoots, along with working a grown up Monday-Friday, 9-3 job & taking styling & hair clients 3pm to sometimes 10:30 at night a few days a week, and all day Saturdays, made for some serious madness in my world. During this time, my partner (as I like to call him, because he is that in every facet of my life) was finishing up recording & releasing his first Mix Tape. Along with this, he was planning his first live performance since taking a hiatus from music… probably the longest 6 months of my life & all lives of Mimi fans everywhere (can I get an amen?). We were both building our empires side by side. Mid April Mimi hosted a Hip Hop show at the Velour with all of the artists featured on his mix tape, and a week following this showcase, I had a launch party for my passion project, Be More Collection. We were killin it in our perspective passions. I have never been more exhausted in my life, no exaggerations here folks, legit falling asleep mid dinner, fork in hand. struggle city. During this madness, I, probably foolishly, decided to say goodbye to the little loft on center street that had been my home for the previous 9 months. It was a hard goodbye, but on May 1st, the same day I officially launched my online web store for the Be More Collection, I moved. My timing is impeccable. Why do I do this to myself?

May 2015.
I, with the assistance of some awesome friends, moved into my new home. It was a serious size downgrade from my previous place, but it was nice having a little extra cash from the rent decrease as well, since I was funding my passion project out of pocket. The day I moved into  my new place, my landlord let me know about another apartment with a similar price point & twice as much space that would be available toward the end of my lease, I immediately said, “Where do I sign?” I started to settle into my new place, and decided to check out the new potential place I would be relocating in a few months. While I was checking it out, the current tenant told me he wanted to move June 1st. Mind you it was like May 4thish at this point…..So, I kept my stuff packed away for 3 weeks, posted about selling my contract to the place I had just 4 days prior moved into & tried to live out of boxes for the remainder of my stay in this now temporary place. Lemme tell you: there are not much worse things than living out of boxes for a month…… but, alas, I did it. These next few weeks were full of more transition. A series of events opened up the potential for a new position at work, and I took the position of Marketing Director, feeling bittersweet about it. I was grateful for the new position, and excited for more responsibility, but knew there would be some sacrifices I would need to make, but in the end I knew it would be an amazing opportunity and I would be crazy to walk away from it. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

So here I am a few weeks into my biggest girl job & I am slowly finding balance in all things! I am still able to accommodate my styling & hair clients & Be More Collection is essentially self sustaining right now! I am learning how to prioritize and to make sacrifices, something that I know will come in handy in the near future. I feel so blessed to have had the most INSANE few months to bring me to where I am now! It’s crazy how life happens and you just roll with the changes. There will be so so so many more changes in the months to come & I am excited for them & I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Thanks for following along with me life… the adventure continues.

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