Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just a couple confessions.

Hey hey hey! Miss Tara Brooke here! Just checking in with a fun comfy outfit that I have been over wearing lately! So I have been hesitant to commit to maternity bottoms because, lets be real, I'm not going to be pregnant forever, and I hate storing old clothes until I can fit into them again. But after wearing out all of my dresses & missing denim, I took the plunge with these maternity denim shorts from Pink Blush! 
Confession: I wear them 3-5 times a week. I am embracing comfort this summer, while trying my hardest not to look too discheveled & these shorts are helping me do just that! They are a super comfortable length. You don't feel like you're showing off too much, but you can still show enough tasteful leg. meeeow! 

Second Confession: I haven't shaved my legs in 2 months.... maybe longer... I really don't remember. Now before you get all "Tara put your life together" on me...let me tell you this: I have been waxing! Now, waxing isn't for everyone. But it sure as hell is for me! I have peachy white leg hairs and a few patches of dark thick guys on my lower legs but above my knees I am alllllll peach fuzz. (perks of being a natural blonde)

 I love waxing for a few reasons.
 1. I DO NOT have time to shave my legs 2-3 times a week, I mean, who reeeeally has time for that? plus the bigger this belly gets the harder it is to bend over, ya feel? 
2. I haven't thought about my leg hairs for about 2 weeks now & I wear shorts (like these below) or dresses (like the post below this one) on the daily. 
If you're the girl who lives for climbing into your bed & feeling completely hairless legs every night, waxing is probably not for you. If you're a girl on the go and okay with not having super smooth legs but not having to deal with the daily upkeep, and can spare 20-30 minutes a month to pop into a salon, waxing is for you! I think everyone should try it at least once!! 

Have you guys ever tried it?? Leave me a comment & let me know how your experience was! Being an esthetician I would love to hear it! And if you have any questions feel free to ask!  I love hearing from you guys!

Now check out these cutie shorts! I've linked some similar non maternity shorts as well! 

Top: c/o Hope Ave | Shorts: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (non maternity shorts: Here < ON SALE & Here) | Shoes: Old Similar here | Hat: Similar Here | Clutch: Similar Here

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