Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mid week Blues

What day is it? The question I have asked my self daily this week! Don't worry, I checked my calendar.. it's Thursday... That means one more day until Friday, which means one more say til my weekend. Lately I have been working for the weekend. I have been loving my jobby job, especially with my brand new assistant, who has made my life 1000000 times easier & fun. I picked well. But I am living for Summer days by the pool just chilling with me people. This coming weekend is proving to be a busy and super fun weekend! My people are going to put on a super fun party at ProvoFest on Center street tomorrow night & I will be selling our favorite M1M1IK Summer prints (so make sure to find me and say hi!!) Saturday is turning into a swim day. always my favorite to cool down this little belly of mine. And Sunday is my dude's Birthday! I've got something really special planned for him... he has NO idea what is in store! eeeeeeeek! I love surprises, and birthdays, and my dude so much!

Little "bumpdate" for you all (why do I feel like the lamest human ever whenever I say that? bleh)

 I am 24 weeks tomorrow. that is 6 months people. I have had a human growing in my belly for half of a year. this is still the weirdest thing of my life to think about.

Baby girl is kicking like crazy. It's awesome... weird af but no really, it is the coolest.

I have officially gained 35 lbs.. coool.........ugh. my doctor is going to loooove that when i see him next week. whatev's i gym 3 times a week so I am telling myself it's water weight.. not the bi weekly pizza indulgence.

Still no sickness... still no weird pain.. like really am I pregnant? I feel like the biggest tool when I talk to my preg friends who are sickie always.. sorry guys....

I sleep like a rock lately. I am obviously trying to stock up on all the sleep I can now! Killin it.

We got our car seat 2 weeks ago.. (thank you to my mom's boss who has always been incredibly generous) Saw that on my door step and was like.... oh, this is actually happening...neat. it's still sitting in it's box in my storage room..when are you supposed to unpack those things anyway??

Everyone has been asking if I have been buying so much stuff because it "sooooo fun dressing a little girl" guys... I think there is something wrong with me... I hate ALL of the little girl things I see. I have purchased maybe 5 things..... real talk. & they are black and white... and grey... soooo yeah.

bows, lace, pink ANYTHING ugh grossss, not into it. this baby is legit going to be living in white onsies for the first year of her life... so there is that. If anyone has any suggestions for not so girlie baby clothing please please please please point me in the right direction.
 I am LOVING these shops
 >>> Riley & Cru <<<
>>> Harlow Jade <<<
but nothing else appeals to me.. HELP!

Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough for one day.... I had a fun time shooting with my good friend Rox last week! I am struggling with this whole blogging thing lately, but I am trying to get as many pics of this bump as I can, because I know I will miss it when it's gone. So they will slowly but surely make their way to my page.. Check out one of my go to dresses these days below!

okay bye

Dress: Forever 21 | Vest: Similar Here & Here | Booties: Similar Here | Hat: Similar Here & Here

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  1. Blog stalking a little bit here (found your blog through another blog I love) but my brother and his wife had a baby girl (little miss Indie) this year and they feel very similarly about all things girly/frilly. They've been able to find a ton of cute things they love at Baby GAP, they're super obsessed. I've been able to find a number of things at Target for them, but mostly in 3 month and older sizes. My sister-in-law is very social media friendly so (even though this may sound weird coming from a stranger) I bet she'd love to tell you where she found cute items for the babe. Her Instagram is @naturallyjulia.

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