Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Well, the count down has begun. I have about one week left of work & I am in serious baby mode so I am gathering the last of my baby needs! In the process I've gathered up a few of my MUST HAVES, SHOULD HAVES, and FUN HAVES for my little Baby Lady Knowles! To be completely honest, through this whole momma to be process I have been completely lost. Baby Knowles was not something I was planning for, so thinking about baby things was never on my radar. Lucky for me I have some awesome resources & friends who have given me tips tricks and the must haves & so I amfeeling pretty confident in my purchases! But who knows what homegirl will actually like & use when she graces us in the next 7 weeks. Check out a few things you can find in my baby artillery.




What are YOUR must haves?? What am I missing mommas? 
Leave me a comment & tell me all about your favorite baby things!

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