Saturday, November 21, 2015

Announcing Baby Lady Knowles.

Doc: Well you are going to have a big baby. So get ready for her, but we wont induce you until 41 weeks.
Me: What can I do to help move the process along?
Doc: Pray

4am. I wake up. I have to pee.  Not unlike many other nights with full bladders and early potty runs.  I try to put of the inevitable as long as possible. My bed is too warm & my bladder can wait. The discomfort gets me up & out. About the time I walk through the bathroom door I realize I just can't hold it and I pee all over the floor. "What the hell," I think, "I can't event hold my pee now?!" Then it hits me, I still had to pee....."my water is breaking."

I woke up Mimi unsure of how he would react to the fact that this baby could really be coming today, and coming 6 days early. I had a plan. I needed to finish my scheduled hair clients on Nov 14th & then it was game on baby time, do anything I could to induce labor. So on Nov 14, after working a back to back 6 hour day at the salon, I took myself home & instead of using the elevator I climbed up 5 flights of stairs to get to my apartment.... Baby game time had begun. I didn't think my plan would actually work and I would get things started so quickly, because when do those things ever work out in your favor, am I right?

So back to waking my sleeping Mimi... He woke up very calm (far more than me) and got dressed & packed his bag. Well, see I was planning that my baby game time would take a while to get going so, I hadn't quite finished packing my bag, or cleaning the house or shaving my legs or painting my toe nails.... So I did what any normal girl who's water had just broke all over the bathroom floor...I put on my make up, did my dishes, picked up my living room and finished packing my bag & then we headed to the hospital around 5 am.
I was waiting for the contractions so I could time how close they were because that what they do in the movies, but I didn't know what to feel or what to expect, so I just assumed everything was happening on its own and I patted myself on the back for having a killer pain tolerance. I realized quickly that I was hungry & I remembered at our hospital tour the nurse told me once I was admitted I wouldn't be able to eat until after delivery... So we planned to stop by mc d.s (super classy, I know, it was 5 am) but it was closed, so we drove around to find any food that was open at this point. Del Taco it is. A breakfast burrito and 3 cookies later I was ready to do this baby thing!

They quickly admitted me into the hospital right before 6 & everything was a lot more laid back than I expected. They got me ready in my super killer hospital gown, hooked me up to monitors, asked me a ton of questions checked my dilation (not even a full 1 at that point) & took some samples to see if my water had actually broke. 15 minutes later the nurses came back and confirmed that I indeed had broken my water, but I wasn't having contractions on my own. For risk of infection they needed to give me Pitocin to start my contractions and then we would be on our way.

They hooked me up to the IV, started fluids and Pitocin & then we were just told to wait. My contractions came slowly at first, and I finally realized what I should be feeling, around 10 I was reeeeeeally feeling my contractions and I was still at a 1 so I tried to fight my epidural as long as possible, but I knew this would be a long day, so finally around 11am I wasn't able to speak through my contractions anymore and they were very back to back with no break time, so I finally asked for the drugs.

Needles scare the hell out of me, why? I have no reason behind it, they just do. So mentally I was losing my sh*t knowing a needle would be going into my back. Everyone talks about how big and long and scary the needle is so naturally I was tripping. Mimi kept me calm and focused as they prepped me & I was so focused on what was happening behind me & trying to calm my shaking hands that I completely forgot I was having contractions, which was a nice break. The needle was in & I didn’t feel or see a thing. I made it through! They gave me a spinal injection of some thing to speed up the relief & almost immediately I felt my feet start to tingle. Within a few minutes my legs were completely numb & I couldn't move them on my own even if I tried, and I did try. And Mimi continually laughed at my inability to function with my legs and proceeded to smack and pinch them asking me if I could "feel that?" knowing I couldn't. Super fun game guys, super fun game..
Once my epidural was in things were pretty smooth sailing from there, I quickly went from a 1 to a 3. And then a few hours later a 3 to a 7. We laid back and watched House of Cards in between visitors coming and just waited it out. Around 5 I went from a 7-9 quickly & then I knew it was almost game time. By now my spinal injection was starting to wear off and I could move my legs on my own, but I was still feeling great without feeling any contractions. I hadn't hit my epi button at this point because my spinal injection gave me exactly what I needed. At around 6:45 I was fully dilated and baby was in a good position so it was time to start pushing. So I pushed my epi button once and was ready to go.

Mimi's main goal at the beginning of my delivery was to be involved enough to help me through it, but to not be up in the action, something I was super okay with... Well not everyone's plans go well. The nurse came in, got me set up to push and told Mimi he needed to be on my right side holding my knee to help me push.. He reluctantly stepped up & it was game time. Slowly but surely I was regaining more feeling in my legs and I was in control of my delivery. I pushed for 10 seconds at a time 3 times per contraction. I still couldn't feel my contractions, so my nurse prompted me when I was starting contractions and we put our conversation on hold and resumed once the contraction had passed. (Let me just take a break to say I LOVED my nurses. Everyone from the very beginning was so helpful & nice & it just made everything that much easier).

Back to business, so with the nurse on my left & Mimi on my right & my epidural working it’s magic I was pushing away. Remember when I mentioned not being able to eat until AFTER I delivered? Well we were going on about 14 hours of no food & I was ready for something good, so my babe friend Ashley Hess (saint of a human as she is) offered to bring me the good stuff. In N Out. Hell yes. She found her way to my delivery room with dinner about half way into my pushing & I offered her the chance to stay and support me through the rest of this, and I am so grateful she did.

As my little babe got closer and closer to her debut there was a moment where her heart rate dropped quickly, they rolled me to my side & strapped an oxygen mask on me and told me to breath slow and deep, I was strangely calm & knew that we would be okay. They got the doctor & her heart rate went up & I knew with the doc in the room it was Go Time! A few more big pushes & I vaguely hear, “Look at your baby.” “There she is.” “Tara look at your baby.” And then I saw her. My baby was finally here. I looked at Mimi and I just cried. I couldn’t believe she was here. They took her to get cleaned up. Everything after that was a little foggy, until they brought her back to lay on my chest. She immediately wanted to eat & homegirl latched on like a champ (that’s my girl). I snuggled that little babe as long as I could, until they took her to have her first baby bath. They took us to post partum and after a few visits from nurses and drs both Me & baby were deemed in great health. She was 7 lbs 10 oz & 19lbs. Her legs go on for days.

I was so lucky to have had a mostly seemless delivery & my recovery has been about what I thought it would be. I will spare the fun details of that here, but I will just say that having a little human being who is half of the man who I love so much has been the coolest addition to my life. We can’t wait to share our little babe with you all & hope she can bring you an ounce of the happiness she gives us.

Welcome to the world Quincy Tyler Knowles. Mommy & Daddy love you so stinking much! Now lets sleep through the night here soon ,yeah?

Photos: Ashley Rae 

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