Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"I'm with the band"

Quincy was able to go see her daddy play with his full band last weekend & of course she had to get all dressed up for it! I had about 30 minutes of her nap left when I remembered I had some iron on letters lying around & just like that my new favorite onesie was created! It was soooooooo easy & I've had a few of you ask where I got it after I posted it to insta, so here you have it! Customize your own onesie in 15 minutes for some serious DIY baby fashion!

What you need: 
- Plain onesie 
- A pack or two of Iron on letters 
- Piece of thick fabric 
(I used a dish cloth, a tee shirt will also work fine)

First decide on the phrase you want to do & make sure you have all of the letters available in your pack of iron ons. Also, make sure to spell your phrase correctly. Nothing like a little oops to have to start your project over. Been there, done that. Then cut out all of your letters close to the edge of the iron on material (this is helpful for placement, our next step)

Next place your letters in their desired place on the onesie. Make sure your letters are placed on the onesie (or t-shirt) the way they would appear once they are adhered to the garment. 

Iron on your letters. I used my steaming iron because well, I don't have an actual iron...but gets the job done. Iron over the letters for 10 seconds, remove & re-iron for another 10 seconds do this for 40 seconds total (take small breaks between ironing as to not scorch the fabric). Make sure to really put pressure on the corners of each letter.

Let your letters cool completely & then GENTLY remove the backing of the letters, be careful not to remove the lettering with the backing. If your lettering is coming up, re-iron, let cool & attempt to remove again.

Your onesie is almost ready!!

Turn the garment inside out.

Take your piece of cloth & place it inside the garment between the front & back of the fabric & iron the inside across the lettering to set the wording. Let cool before turning it right side out.

And there you have it! Your own personalized onesie for your own personalized baby!
This can also be done with grown up tee's....Matching mommy & me outfits anyone?? Try it out & let me see your work! 

Find all of the supplies I used below & happy DIYing

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