Friday, February 26, 2016

Brows on Fleek

Happy FRIIIIIIDAY!!!! This week has been out.of.control. I will spare you the details but lets just say I am very happy for the weekend! So I am in full summer prep. I am working out & not eating sugar, I am getting regular pedicures & shaving my legs, you know the important things... yes I know it is still February, but you can never be too prepared! 

My favorite part about summer is playing pool side. Who's with me?? I love lounging by and dippin in the pool like everyday! But I sometimes feel a little self conscious when I am not able to wear makeup & look like a human while swimming and sweating in the sun. I can't have lash extensions *insert tears of frustration* because I have bad, like BAD allergic reactions to them. But you know what I can have? Perfectly sculpted brows. I can't go through out my day without my lashes and brows. Thank heaven for Microblading!! Have you guys heard of it?? I started seeing posts about it on instagram & so it peaked my interest! I found out my girl Natassia from Pace Studios did Microblading & I knew I had to try it! 

So what is microblading you're probably asking....well it's a single stroke technique where pigment is forced into your epidermis through a blade. A BLADE? yes...sounds terrifying yeah? Don't worry, its not that bad. Beauty is pain right?

So to start homegirl created an outline of the shape of the eyebrow we wanted to achieve based on my natural brows & my face shape and then I checked it out & was like, yup, those are the brows I want everyday forever. Then came the numbing creme. This stuff did it's thing for about 15-20 minutes while I busted out some consent forms. Then I laid down and the fun began. So what does it feel like? I honestly don't have the exact words to describe it because I have never felt anything like it. basically it was like she was scraping pigment into my skin with a metal eyebrow brush. Was it painful? a bit. Did I make it through? Hell yeah. Would I do it again? Well, yeah I am totally doing it again at my 6 week touch up! 

Here is the before & after

I left my appointment with some aftercare instructions and some gorgeously manicured brows with no sign of distress. This is about 2 hours after my appointment. Can you tell I was loving my new brows & the amazing selfie lighting I found??

The next few days my brows the skin under my brows felt a bit tight, but it wasn't painful. About day 5 I had some minor scabbing (which is normal people) but it just looked like pigment that didn't fully absorb was lifting. I was careful not to rub scratch or exfoliate my eye brows. By day 7 most of the scabbing was gone & my new brows were in full force! I had a few spot where my skin rejected the pigment, which was expected & when I go back for my touch up at 6 weeks that will be rectified. 

I am so excited to go forward with my life & swim my life away this summer with my new brows! To be completely honest for the first few days it was really hard not coloring my brows in, like I legit missed that step in my make up routine, but now it's so so so so nice to not have to even think about it & that just means an extra 5 minutes of snuggles for my Q!!! Make sure to check out Pace Studios & tell Natassia I sent you.  I am so excited to share the final product with you next month after my touch up. Now if my dang sensitive eyes would just let me get lashes I would never have to get ready for the day again! Something about high maintenance services that really make you low maintenance. You girls know what I'm talkin about.  

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