Friday, February 12, 2016

DIY Baby Boyfriend Jeans & Sweet Ruby

These. These FREAKING Baby Boyfriend jeans. Why is everything that is supposed to be on a adult so ridiculously cute on a baby? I saw these denim pants in the little boys section for $4.50 YES $4.50 & I immediately was like, I am buying those and I am distressing the sh*t out of them and those will go on my baby every day forever. Guess what....Homegirl wears these everyday that I dress her (if they are clean). Daddy for some reason never dresses her in them....I guess I am overdoing it or something. 

I've added a little step by step of how to get these yummy baby boyfriend jeans for your little lady, or dude. I mean who doesn't love distressed jeans? But before you check out the easy peasy DIY, check out this softer than a cloud minky binky blanky (say that 5 times fast). Guys the binky struggle is real. Thank the heavens my Q will take one bc it is legit a mute button for her. But heaven forbid I don't have one on hand bc she will whine until she gets it. It's kinda cute... kinda ridiculous. Already dreading the day that I have to take it away from her. aaaaaaanyway....This blanky is not only the softest thing on planet earth, but it has a little attachment in the corner that you can put on your car seat so you don't lose it! OOOOOr you can attach a binky clip to it so babyface always has something to snuggle with and something to suck on. genuis. the more freaking baby stuff I find the more I am like... wait.. why didn't I think of that?! Thank you ingenious humans who thought of, and produced them for me! 

On to the DIY

What you'll need
A pair of baby jeans (cotton blend works best)
A pair of scissors
A serrated knife
And 7-10 free minutes (probably the hardest thing to find as a momma) 

First you want to gather your fabric where you'll be cutting your knee hole & make a small snip with your scissors.

Once you've made your mark cut straight across the knee

Your first hole is done. Easy Peasy

Next determine where you want your distresses & saw back and forth with your serratted knife to create a small distress. Be careful to not saw too hard or to much as you cut all of the white distressed looking strings. Take it slow people. 

Tada. Second hole. Follow this step anywhere you want distresses on your baby jeans. Use your own boyfriend jeans (if you have them, if you dont pick up a pair rn) as a guide. That way you can be matchy matchy with your baby baby.

Don't forget to distress the back side of your baby denim. Like who has a ripped from but a clean bum? Not this baby. 

Toss them in the wash inside out & toss them in the dryer & BAM you've got some of the cutest baby jeans around. 

Post your pics to insta of your DIY baby boyfriend jeans & tag #DIYbabyBFjeans so I can see 'em! 

Q Style:
Onesie: Carters | Jeans: Target (DIY distressed) | Binky Blanky: c/o Sweet Ruby Co
Binky Clip: c/o Trompe & Co

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