Monday, February 8, 2016

My little drooler - ft Copper Pearl

Oh my gosh! Thank you thank you thank you! I can't be more grateful for the kind words, emails and support I received after putting myself out there as The Real Ms Tara Brooke.  Like serious happy tears exited my face reading them. You all made me remember why I do this for you!

I would like to interrupt my blubbering mess of a self to share my newest obsession with you all. My little babe is a drooling mess. Like milk drools, spit drools, spit bubbles, milk bubbles don't even get me started on the spit up... How can such a tiny human have so much come out of their tiny mouths? Like it's kinda super gross. Thank heaven for Copper Pearl tho, we found each other at the perfect time. I was getting really sick of changing Q's onesies every few hours because she soaked through them with her drooly spit up face. Thanks so these hella cute bandana bibs my need to do laundry has gone down exponentially because these puppies are super absorbent & they have saved so many perfectly styled baby outfits. These bibs are life.  They come in the cutest little set of 4 & they have adjustable closures for when baby gets bigger so they will grow with her.  Dear preggo mommy friends don't be tooooo surprised when you get these as a gift at your baby shower. 
Spoiler alert.

Since I know all you momma's are like, wait, I need that like right meow, don't worry, I got you! Head over to their website & use TARABROOKE for 15% off your set. 

Little Q is loving the Paris Set, but I mean, since I'm a black and white grey is my favorite color kinda momma, I am eyeing the Shade Set & it's definitely going to be my next investment especially when this little droller decides to start cutting teeth & the drool really begins to flow. Holy visual. yuck! Well Happy Monday from this cute little face & if you haven't already, head over to my insta to enter to win a set of your own, wait...... but can I enter too?

Q Style: 
Bandana Bib: c/o Copper Pearl | Jeans: Target | Onesie: Old Navy (ON SALE) | Head Band: Here | Binkie Clip: c/o Sweet Ruby

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