Monday, February 15, 2016

Work It Out ft. Grizzly Rings & Skinny Stix

Oh Hey there!! I am starting my Monday off right with some serious Gym action! So lets get real here people, I have never been the girl who works out.. I go through spurts for sure, work out hella hard for 2 weeks & then the following 2 weeks my work out consists of getting off the couch and walking to the fridge. I have never truly had the body I wanted, I also have never truly WORKED for the body I wanted either. During my pregnancy I definitely indulged way more than I should have. Ice cream cones on the daily & carbs for ever meal did not work in my favor & now that I am post baby and almost 30, I am realizing that it's way harder to shed those extra lbs. But boy am I determined. About 5 weeks ago I started working out consistently & I have gotten into quite the routine. Strength training 3 days a week and low intensity interval training on the treadmill 3 days a week for 30-40 minutes. You would think I would be dropping LB's like no ones business right?? WRONG! Since I had my baby in November & dropped the initial after delivery weight I have stayed at the SAME WEIGHT. Holy depressing. I have had many, many meltdowns trying to put on my jeans (which have gone up in size exponentially) & tee shirts.

Feb 1st I cut out sugar & committed to only having carbs in one meal a day. While this seemed like it would be the golden ticket, alas, a week in, no changes. Finally I realized I was building mad muscle with my new workout routine and my fat was just sitting on top of my muscle making it nearly impossible to button my denim. So I swallowed my pride & cut back (I can't fully give it up yet) my soda intake & started supplementing my soda with Skinny Stix.

Game = changed. I don't know if it was these Skinny Stix, my cutting back on soda or my body finally realizing how to metabolize my no sugar diet but I dropped a few lbs in a week. PRAISE THE HEAVENS! I needed a little motivation & seeing changes on the scale was just that for me. I am realizing the best way for me to stick to my workout routine & make it something I enjoy is to have the right tools to stay motivated.

Here are my Gym time must haves that have been keepin me goin strong.

1. Grab yourself a gym buddy! I work out consistently with a homegirl. We have been doing the BBG & it is ROUGH people, ROUGH! There are so many times I almost can't get through it but she is there fighting through it with me & encouraging me to push to the end. It's also a good motivation to actually go to the gym, somedays are crazy busy or I am just not feeling it, but she is always there coming in clutch telling me to get my workout clothes on because she is coming for me!

2. Workout clothes. Hi. Ever have those days where you are dressed like a homeless person & you feel like a homeless person? Well if you want to feel good at the gym you've gotta have good gym attire! I am not in a position where I can or want to drop $50+ on a pair of exercise leggings that I am going to sweat out of. I've found the best workout pants from me are from Target & I totally double them as leggings when I am not working out. Find what pants work for you & invest in 2-3 pair. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of workout pants that end up being discontinued a few months later. Like the rest of my attire, I have mostly neutral workout tops & bottoms & I love by black Nikes so I can always match.

3. I found when I do a lot of weight training I tend to get calluses on my hands from wearing my rings & I don't have pretty dainty lady hands. I feel completely naked without my rings so whats a girl to do? Well, the Grizzly Bear Silicone Wedding Bands solve this issue 100%. I may not be married, but these rings are the perfect deterrent for those dudes who just don't get the hint that you're at the gym to workout, not to be hit on. Like hi, let me do my squats in peace & you can go back to bench pressing that 20 lbs in your man tank. BYE!

4. Kick A$$ music! There is nothing that gets me through a workout better than a great playlist! & my Sony headphones make it so that I can crank the tunes & crank out a few extra circuits. Nothing beter your JAM coming on mid workout to amp you up!! Check out my go to workout playlist for this month & tell me what your go to songs are!

5. Fitbit. I got this bad boy for christmas & it's been so great having it track my steps daily! I set daily step goals & check it throughout the day to make sure I am on track. If I feel like half way through the day I am way under my goal I try my best to throw on my running shoes & walk a good 15-20 on the treadmill before or after dinner (or when Q is napping) to get those steps in for the day!

6. My secret weapon: I can almost guarantee no one has ever shared this workout tip with you. This is something that often times pushes me over the edge with my daily step goal. Netflix. Yes, you read that right. Everyone is all about Netflix & chill right? Well I am all about Netflix & Treadmill. I started this about a year ago when I was binge watching Gossip Girl (for the 3rd time): I would only let myself watch 1 episode a day, anything over that had to be done while I was walking on the treadmill. Even if I was doing zero incline at 3 mph at least I was moving my body! Up your data plan, download the Netflix app on your phone & try it out, your body will thank you!

Workout Top: Similar Here | Pants: Target | Shoes: Similar Here | Headphones: Sony | Ring: c/o Grizzy Rings Use code TARABROOKE for 15% off your ring

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