Friday, March 4, 2016


Dearest Q, I promise to always encourage you to chase your dreams. I promise to support you, love you and push you to your immense potential. I promise to chase my dreams so I can teach you how to be strong & to never let your dreams fade.

A mothers promise. That is what I have made today. Chasing my dreams has been a huge focus of my life the past year, I made plans and have worked tirelessly to be my best self & to achieve my goals. Now with my angel baby Q I have more motivation than ever to work hard to achieve the goals I set in place before she came into my world. Life gets crazy & the monotony of life can bring you down. Often we need reminders on how to stay focused. I knew I needed to have a daily reminder to help me stay focused on my dreams to be the best example to my Q. I made a graphic that says "Chase Your Dreams" and framed it above Q's changing table, so many times a day I could be reminded to stay focused on my promise to her & my promise to myself. 

As mothers we make constant promises to our children, but do we really think about these promises and what they mean? I would challenge you all to think of a promise that you will make and keep for your little one, doddle that promise on paper, hang it where you can see it & keep it safe so as your little grows you can teach them all about this promise you made & how you worked tirelessly to fulfill that promise. 

Along with helping my Q chase her dreams, I make a promise to do my best to keep her happy, healthy & confortable. Pampers Premium Care Diapers help me do just that. They are a top tier high quality diaper that is hypoallergenic, breathable inside & out. You can find the Pampers Premium Care Diapers at your local Walmart or at
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Photos: Ashley Rae

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  1. So darling and a lucky little girl to have such an awesome mom!