Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life's Messes & a $250 Sam's Club Giveaway

Life with a baby is........ in one word, messy. I never in my wildest dreams imagined the messes I would clean up from having a tiny infant human. From milk to toys, from poop on my carpet (that's the realest stuff there is) to crumbs in the car seat. Life with a baby is messy business. While I am all about those baby wipes, sometimes you need something a little stronger & a little softer to get the job done. Puff's Plus with Lotion is my newest go to product. I've got a box in my car, my office (everyday is take your kid to work day when you're a working mom!), the stroller, baaasically in room in the house & always on the go. Where there is a baby, there is a mess & these tissues are there to come to my rescue! Thankfully the Puffs Plus with lotion now comes in a 10 pack that you can pick up at Sam's Club! Why have 1 when you really need 10, am I right?! Q and I went for a little picnic this week and these Puffs Plus with Lotion saved me as there was a major milk malfunction *cue milk faced baby* Then BAM, just as we were packing up this cutie threw up all over our picnic blanket & these tissues came to the rescue! Sorry about your blanket Shleeee ;). All in all I'm stoked to have found this awesome product and for such a great deal at SAM's Club. Join me and Sam's Club for a $250 giveaway?? Click on this link >>>> Puffs Plus Lotion  & enter to WIN now!!

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