Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rock Your Body....Suit

Oh Heeeeeeey there! It's HUMPDAY! The week is half way over and I feel like I've already taken over the world. So you know that's like reeeeal good. Many of you know I own a clothing collection called Be More & I have been busting my buns working on growing it the past couple of months like reeeeeally bustin & I am so excited for all of the awesomeness coming with it! Something that is important to me with the brand is not only providing on trend affordable pieces but being able to give back! I am working on a project with a few different influencers and we are so excited because we will be giving 100% of the proceeds of this project to our scholarship fund! SOOOOO excited! So yeah, anyway that's something to watch for! If you want to be apart of the project send me a lil email to & i'll give you the dets! Also exciting..... these Body Suits from Be More! I love them so much! I legit feel like I am wearing a onesie and that I match the Queen like 100. So maybe check them out?! & get a good ol discount for my HUMPDAY sale! bc why the hell not. Scroll to the end of the post to get the code. 

take 30% off your be more collection order with code humpday

photos: shleeeeee

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  1. I love this style so much, so active and gorgeous <3 All these items are my favorite!! Thank you for sharing!!

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