Monday, September 26, 2016

Walk the Walk

So if you ever frequent Downtown Provo you've probably seen this girl and her stroller. It's ME! No but really, I am always walking around this little town! Usually to Sodalicious... okay always to Sodalicious. I started walking a lot when the Queen was about 5 months, she was waking up regularly at 7am & I was not about that life, but like whatcha gonna do?! So we walked.. and walked and walked and walked (get it?).  We started walking 1 mile a day, then 2 miles a day & then before I knew it we were walking 4-6 miles a day. Who had I become? For 2 straight months I would walk miles on miles with my baby. As summer came in hot (getit?!) we started walking less and swimming more. Boy did I miss it!! I am sooooo excited that with Fall here the mornings are getting chillier and the days have a freshness about them! We are back at it with my City Select Stroller because it is the freaking best, so versatile. I can legit turn her around to see me when I need a Queen fix (which is basically always) and it fold up super easy. I know my little is excited too! To say the Queen loves walks is an understatement! If you don't believe me you've never seen my snap chat. She is literally me. She is nosey, she has a staring problem and she lives to be outside. oh, and she loves french fries. So there you have it! If you need us we will be strolling the streets in style. Say hi if you see us, but don't honk bc I can't handle honkers. ya feel?

top: be more collection // pants: asos // boots: mindy mae's market // stroller: city select

pictures: shleeee
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  1. The photos are so stunning! Walking with baby everyday is a really beautiful moment :)