Friday, September 16, 2016

Walking to running in 10 months flat

Happy 10 months to The Queen. what in the literal hell. How? How is she so big? she is 10 months going on 20 I swear. Her newest trick is walking. She took interest in walking holding both of your hands starting at 7 months. yes, before she was even crawling I was convinced she would just skip crawling all together, but she still enjoys a good crawl. At about 9.5 months she started taking one or two steps and then gave up. 2 weeks later the girl wants to walk 500 miles. (get it?!) She is the funnest little angel and the happiest human i know. seriously she is always happy. how is she mine? idk. That's a fun update on The Queen! As for me I have just been busy doing whatever it is i do. Working and bossing people around. I'd say I am quite good at it. I am finally feeling like ME again! and its about freaking time. Postpartum is almost at a year, i've lost my baby weight (praise) and I am finally enjoying getting dressed again. I am loving all of the fall trends & I am excited that I will be bringing you more! And more of The Queen's style along with awesome things from Be More! So so so many things. If you've followed my instagram you know some video's are coming! Hold on to your seats for those. My personal life is about to get real public & vulnerability is at an all time high. So stay tuned for that, but until then, check out my first fall look featuring the Play Ball Cap from my Be More Collection. NOW on!! 

top: cotton on // pants: asos // shoes: Adidad Neo c/o famous footwear // hat: c/o be more collection on // 
top: c/o june & january // shorts (cut from jeans & diy frayed): target // shoes: c/o famous footwear //  bow: c/o everly avenue

photos: shleeee

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