Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Be More, Boomr & Bri Ray

Be More, Boomr App & Bri Ray (say that 3 times fast)!!

Back in October Be More teamed up with Boomr App & Survive Designs for a Breast Cancer Research event & I had the pleasure of meeting The Bri Ray & hearing her perform live for the first time! Being very immersed in the music world here in Provo, as all of my friends are talented musicians I thought to myself, holy cow, this girl has got it where did she come from?! Bri has been singing since she was 8 & started performing shortly after that! Be More, as many of you know, is my clothing collection that is scholarship based & gives back to women who are pursuing a creative career. We want to empower women to pursue careers based off of their talents & we LOVE that Bri is doing JUST THAT! Bri is getting ready to drop a single (this week) & will be debuting it LIVE at Velour Music Gallery in Provo, Ut on Saturday Nov 26th! She will be headlining the show and will be preceded by other female artists including Be More's first sponsored artist, Ashley Hess. The night will be jam packed with some serious Girl Power!

I was able to chat a little bit about Bri's upcoming single with the girl herself and get the inside scoop! "Never There" is taken from some of her personal experience & is about a bad relationship where feelings were make believe and the love she thought she was sharing was.. well, never there! We've all been there girl, we've all been there! It's musical roots definitely give you the pop soul feel! With her inspiration coming from powerhouse voices like Adele & Sam Smith & soulful runs like Tori Kelly & Alicia Keys she will be leaving us with all of the feels!! If you happened to watch the last season of American Idol, she may already be a familiar face! We talked a bit about her experience there & she shared that appreciated her experience and has seen how it has refined her as an artist! If there is one thing she stands by, it is her individuality & her determination to always be true to herself, her music & her beliefs. Preach girl!!

Along with dropping her single Wednesday she will be sharing a music video to accompany it! Bri filmed her video with the Boomr App creative team & has been working closely with their marketing team to share her music with the world! Boomr App is an up and coming social media app that will be making it's own debut before 2016 ends, so watch for more exciting things with them!!

Bri & I also got to play dress up & snapped some pics showcasing new pieces from Be More Clothing Collection! Check those out below!!

Make sure you check out Bri Ray & buy her single "Never There" Wednesday!! And if you're local come hang with me and the Queen at her show Saturday Nov 26th at Velour! Watch out world Bri Ray is here & she is about to take over!

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Photos: Ashley Rae 

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  1. One thing I've noticed about Bri is that she is the most genuine and nixed person out there. People I talked to about her always tells me she's the most loving and respectful person! I love this article!