Saturday, February 4, 2017

Politics shmolitics

Uh oh.... opening up a can of worms here. I have chosen to stay quiet about my political views for a while now.... during campaigning, during the election, after the election..and now, I am ready to come clean about my views.

Am I a republican? Am I a democrat? It's really none of your business. Am I right? So what DO I believe??

I believe in equal rights, I believe in the law & I believe in making today our best day and tomorrow better than yesterday was. While I won't come out and say how I feel about our current political state in this country, I can say this. We are all children of a God. I believe in a higher power, whatever you believe, YOU BELIEVE IT, hold on to it & let it drive you to do good. I chose not to march for women recently, and spend that day with my beautiful child being a mother, cultivating love and teaching acceptance and empowerment to my young daughter. I am choosing not to walk today. Does that mean I don't want change? Does that mean I don't have love and hope for the refugees and their current struggle? I'll let you be the judge and I will stand by what I believe.

I believe that change starts with us, I believe the children are our future.. that sounds familiar doesn't it? To be frank, I do not care what or who you believe in. If you are spreading goodness by walking the streets (peacefully) with signs, or sitting at home raising children, or blogging about political awareness. YOU DO YOU. I believe in tolerance, love and freedom for all people. Race, gender, rich & poor. We all deserve a voice, we all deserve love and acceptance. We all as HUMAN BEINGS deserve goodness. So lets all get the hell off of the internet hiding behind our computers ruining friendships, and spread some freaking love already why don't we? If you feel oppressed by your current situation, I truly am sorry. I wish you love and acceptance, I pray for it for you.

If you want to fight (peacefully) for the equality and acceptance you or others deserve, you fight.

But know that your fight will look different than mine. We all have different struggles, different views, different trials, different talents and goals. And that, my friends is what makes this world go round. May we all strive to look for the good in the bad, fight for those who do not feel they can fight for themselves. And remember we are all fighting our own battles no matter our race, color, status and nationality. And YOUR FIGHT LOOKS DIFFERENT THAN ANOTHER'S FIGHT.

Last, but certainly not least, God's got us covered, and idk about all of you, but I am going to be spending my time gathering up some food storage, loving and teaching my baby how to be a good human. If we've read the good book, we all can see the signs, we all have read the ending. God lives and loves us all, as imperfect as we may all be. Lets give a little more love, a little more time to things that matter & BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.

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