Friday, February 10, 2017


Take a walk down memory lane with me will you.... it's the Fall of 2014, I was just hired as a marketing assistant for a UT local clothing brand after being a freelance stylist and image consultant. I wanted experience, I wanted to work for a REAL company, I wanted a steady pay check.

Like most jobs, the first few months were full of the fun stuff, I was the assistant to the Marketing Director, so my job was THE FUN stuff! On set styling, pinning to Pinterest, email campaigns, instagraming, you know... the fun stuff! Fast forward a few months. Personal life: FINALLY launched my own clothing collection & passion project, Be More Collection. Found out I was pregnant (SURPRISE everyone, myself included)!! Work life: internal changes & restructuring. Promotion to Marketing Manager (aka salaried job with consistency & security).

My clothing collection has a HUGE passion behind it. That passion, is a need and a want to help others cultivate their creativity & promote a self sustaining life through their talents. That was the foundation it started on, and that is the foundation we continue to live on. If it doesn't cultivate creativity and passion, we ain't about it.

Back to my "Big Girl Job." As I mentioned, I was pregnant. Did I mention I was also working as a hairstylist 12-15 hours a week, on top of my 9-5 "Big Girl Job"? Oh, and "running" my own online clothing collection on top of that? What can I say, I'm a workaholic.

While working at this big girl job I was able to expand my network and meet some incredibly talented people. I was able to cultivate relationships with these people & offer unsolicited advice, as I often do (if we have every had a hair party, you've been "blessed" with my soap box). I was telling these babes to go after their dreams no matter the cost. I was trying to invoke the potential I saw in these individuals & push them toward their path of greatness! Here I was sitting behind a desk 9-5 marketing for a company I was not fully invested in, preaching passion and greatness, while I was hiding behind my own. Wah, wah, wah.

As my pregnancy progressed I had some decisions to make. I knew I would take a maternity leave, I also knew I wanted to work after having my baby (cue workaholic tendencies). I also knew I had A BABY to take care of, and I, with my then circumstances, was not in a position to stay home for long. Decisions, decisions.

After a mind numbing day of "working for the man" I knew I couldn't preach with out my practice any longer. I sat down, crunched all of the numbers I could find, I consulted with my baby's dad, and decided it was time to PRACTICE WHAT I WAS PREACHING.

I didn't know how I was going to do it, all I knew is I was going to do it. I was going to create a self sustaining life through my talents. I was going to be the mission statement of my own passion project. I was going to be an example to the people I was encouraging. So, 3 weeks before I had my baby girl, I quit my "Big Girl Job" and went full force freelance & hairstyling again. 

15 months later (and a TON of hustle, like holy holy, the hustle is real) I am embarking on the most INSANE venture I ever have taken on. I am taking a HUGE leap of faith on this new project, I've made my plan, I've crunched all of the numbers and I am practicing what I am preaching (bout time, am I right?!)! I am diving in head first, and I want you to dive in with me.

If you're ready to life your life, I want to help you to stop waiting for the right time, and to create the right time! Slide into my email (it sounds way better when you say DM's, but like, we will take what we have), tell me your dreams, tell me your passions and let me preach to you & let me help show you the goodness & potential you have and cultivate the talents you posses.

Can't wait to Be More with you. {}

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