Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Warmer days have got us on the move.

Spring has sprung... and then unsprung, and then sprung again here in Utah!! But the Queen and I have been lucky the last few weeks to sneak in our FAVORITE activity on some of the warmer days!! We LOOOOOVE our walks!! It's no secret that I exist in a 5-7 block radius!! My Be More Collection office is currently 3 blocks from our home (with the move to our new HQ it will be 3.5). My current salon is only ONE block from where we are living & my healthy habit of Sodalicious is about 4 blocks away! So needless to say we do a LOT of walking!!

We just recently started using the Evenflo Pivot Travel Stroller & mommas, this thing is the business!! I wish we would have gotten it earlier because it has so many cool features!! The Queen is a full blown toddler now, and she insists on having both a sippy and snacks on walks, #diva (wonder where she gets it). The Evenflo Pivot has a detachable snack tray perfect for her lil baby hands to reach for snacks!

The seat transforms from a bassinet all the way to sitting up toddler seat, and the car seat can also be attached to the stroller!! WHERE WAS THIS FOR THE NEWBORN DAYS?! Am I right?

Alas, we are enjoying it's functionality, durability and lightweight frame & I am stoked for warmer days so I can really see what this baby (the stroller, not the actual baby) can do!! Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. And giving us the opportunity to see what Evenflo is all about! We are converted & can't wait to try other Evenflo products like this car seat we just got for outings with the babysitter! 

 All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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